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Quilted Art Project – Part 2


I finally got back to the Quilted Art project, but couldn’t spend a lot of time on it this week.  However, even a little bit of progress each week will, over time, complete the project.  I think I’ll be able to stitch some on it today.  For now, here is where it stands. The last doily was stitched to the base.

Quilted Hoop Art Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Silk ribbon tends to keep the creases from winding on the bobbins, so the ribbons were unwound and ironed to take out the wrinkles.

Quilted Hoop Art Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Starting with a pretty lavendar, three stitches were placed vertically for the top part of an iris flower.

Quilted Hoop Art Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Then, three smaller stitches radiating down create the lower part of the flower.

Quilted Hoop Art Project ~ From My Carolina Home

I marked three spots, 3/4-inch high for three irises.

Quilted Hoop Art Project ~ From My Carolina Home

I haven’t decided whether or not to do stems, or just more flowers – more irises or stop with three.

Quilted Hoop Art Project ~ From My Carolina Home

I marked a cornucopia shape with chalk to loosely define a path for the trims, buttons and other things I plan to add. I put a straight line on the lower left for a purple trim piece, and scattered some buttons below it.

Quilted Hoop Art Project ~ From My Carolina Home

I’ll be doing more embellishing today, but so far I am pretty pleased with the way it is going.

Are you slow stitching?

Linking up with Kathy at Slow Stitching Sunday.

Slow Sunday Stitching

Stitching Doilies ~ From My Carolina Home


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14 thoughts on “Quilted Art Project – Part 2

  1. Lots of fun stitching on your project!

  2. I’m not a slow stitcher. I’m a never start stitcher. Still, I love seeing the magic you create with fabric.

  3. Yep…I have a wool banner to finish, some binding and I’m sure I’ll get in some sewing today. Enjoy your creative stitching today:)

  4. This is going to be so pretty….love the ribbon irises! 🙂 Making chicken soup this morning and after a visit with the grands and a nice walk I’ll be slow stitching later on 🙂

  5. Good Morning Carole! Your art project is coming along beautifully! Especially with adding the purples…my favorite…the doily and the ribbon look so lovely together like that. I would add more, but it is your project! With the what seems like dozens of quilt/sewing projects I have going on at this time, I have not been able to spend but a tad bit of time on slow stitching. The little bit I did the other night was so delightful and relaxing, I know I need to get back into routine and do it every night. With the Daffodils blooming and dancing in the breezes, plus all the other tiny signs of spring it will not be long before the puppies and I are sitting under a shade tree stitching away. So off I go to get my sewing day going! Have a splendid creative day!

  6. This looks like the beginning of a very pretty project!

  7. This is really pretty, Carole, I like it a lot.
    I hope you are enjoying sunshine and warm temps.
    I did go out for a walk with my parents, but that is just shuffling (:-D) so now I am treadmilling and reading at the same time.
    Yes, I should go out and get some pollen immunity, but oh well. Maybe I will find a few minutes here and there to “face plant” (as my daughter calls Sarahs tumbles into the carpet haha) into the garden and grass a few times this week. whew.
    I am downloading or uploading or just loading your Scrap Dance Tango and reading very carefully and looking at the flikr pics. It is so exciting. I hope to start on this kind of project after I finish the three I have cooking right now.
    Slowly but surely I am getting through. I love everyone’s fabric choices so far. Very inspiring.
    Happy Sunday

  8. Your ribbon flowers are very pretty. I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  9. Having a couple of hand-work projects going is such a good idea. I am participating in #quilty365, where one is supposed to make one appliquéd circle on a small square each day. I am playing my own way, doing batch prep by choosing scrap from recent projects, pulling from my vast conversation print stash and also choosing fabrics from my general stash. Marking and cutting in the studio, basting around the circle by hand in the living room and in waiting rooms, turning and starching the edges at the ironing board and then doing the appliqué by hand where ever I am. Lots more than one-a-day finished since I started in Jan, but fun, relaxing and no pressure. I’ll post a couple of pics to my Flickr, although I don’t think this project, from the blogs, has an actual Flickr group. Do enjoy the blooming as spring arrives. @susansquiltstudio, aka Susan in Dublin

  10. Beautiful ribbon flower!!
    something tells me thi wil be a stunning quilt.

  11. That looks really pretty Carole. I have never tried ribbon embroidery but you make it look fairly easy.
    I did manage to get a twin size quilt bound and a table runner finished for my daughter. Hands are telling me to rest them for a couple of days so I will do. I need them too much not to pay attention. LOL

  12. Beautiful! I love it!

  13. Such lovely embellishments… those ribbon flowers are adorable!

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