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Stamping Christmas Cards 2015


Stamping cards for the holidays is something my MIL enjoys on her visits, so we hauled several bins upstairs to the kitchen to use the counter.  It gives us more light and more room than the worktable down in the basement.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

DH pulled the chairs from the pub table to hold more bins of stamping supplies.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

I have this beautiful dark green card stock, so I cut a bunch of blanks to start. I have a little piece of painter’s tape on the measuring arm to easily see where I need to cut.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

My dear friend Gail sent me this wonderful stamped card this year. She is so very talented, and creative with stamping!

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

I wanted to try to duplicate her technique, so I masked off a rectangle with another bit of card stock.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

Using different stamps, and red ink, the edges were stamped.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

Oh, crap. The top stamp didn’t ink well in the center.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

So I fixed it by stamping the word Joy over the bare spot.  Looks like I planned it that way, doesn’t it?

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

For the green card stock, I gathered some elements and played with the placement.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

When I had one done, MIL used it as a template to make one of her own.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

I rarely use this snowflake punch, this year it got a bit of a workout. Punching out the snowflake on the green, and it will show the white from the inside through the holes.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

A bit of ribbon, and some trees with a burgundy mounting board added.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

Still some space at the top, I thought about putting a stamped snowflake there, but decided to punch two more instead.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

On the inside, two stamps with different color ink add more interest to the sentiment.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

So cute, I did another one with reindeer and dark red velvet ribbon.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

MIL stamped some little snowflakes on the bottom of her cards on the inside, cute idea.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

Last card was a recycle idea, using a bit from another commercially made card. I cut the element out, mounted it on dark red cardstock and set it aside for a moment.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

Using a Versamark stamp (a sticky stuff stamp pad) and a snowflake stamp, I put snowflakes around the edge of the card. Then, I dusted them with glitter dust.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

Tapping off the excess glitter, I mounted the element in the middle, and added white card stock inside for writing.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

So here are MIL’s cards she finished.  She did Gail’s technique in green.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

Here are mine.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

Whew, just in time to mail before Christmas!

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

I need to get these addressed so I can mail them as soon as possible.

Stamping Christmas | From My Carolina Home

Do you still send Christmas cards?



Christmas in July 2017


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


17 thoughts on “Stamping Christmas Cards 2015

  1. Wow, these turned out really pretty. do you sign them on the back?
    You and MIL could go into business and and and, never mind. I always have these big fat ideas but really, I am already doing so much, I need extra arms and hands haha
    I am glad you could spend some time with your MIL making pretty things to give to loved friends

  2. I love your cards. So many great ideas. We still send cards and I would love to make some but would need to clear off my sewing table to do it. That always defeats me. Maybe next year.

  3. lovely cards, always special to receive homemade with love Stuff

  4. I do send Christmas cards, but do not make them. Your cards are lovely and it is nice that you and your MIL can do this together. I save all the hand stamped/made cards I receive. Nice to know someone went to the trouble to do this for me. Merry Christmas!

  5. We didn’t this year…but when we do it’s usually a photo collage. Your cards came out fun…I esp.. like the reindeer.

  6. Love it! We’re getting ready to leave to join dtr & family across the country, so all our cards are sent. One of the joys of the season! I always mean to make some, even took a class or 2 & enjoyed meeting new folks there. But I have trouble turning loose of those handmade cards! And designing them kinda “freezes” me where to start. I just may use yours as an idea to start on in Jan. when the blahs arrive! Lovely, as usual!

  7. Great inspiration! We do send cards…most are already mailed, but still a few to do today. Happy holidays and thank you for all of the wonderful blog posts this year Carole!

  8. Great inspiration! We do send cards, and most have been mailed. Thank you Carole for all of the great blog posts this year. Happy holidays!

  9. Good Morning Carole! You and your MIL cards are both lovely! I have never done any stamping or made my own cards before, but seeing what you can do sure is inspiring. Also, tell MIL that I love her ring and her nails they look lovely also. With all of the gift making I have been attempting to do, no I have not even thought of my cards. I think I will have to spend time today and do that for sure. With only five days to go, I doubt that they arrive in time though. So glad that you shared your beautiful creative cards and have a wonderful time with your MIL.

  10. Oh I love your cards–I am returning to my scrapping/card and tag making this year–have set up a little corner of my cutting table to work in….
    I still send out cards, but sadly, fewer every year…I don’t like the e-cards for Christmas at all… looks like you had a wonderful day…hugs, Julierose

  11. I do send cards but buy them after Christmas or at Hobby Lobby on sale. i love writing a personal message in each one. Yours are beautiful and so unique. Thanks for sharing them. Merry Christmas!

  12. I enjoy seeing your creativity. I wanted to let you know that Versamark isn’t actually a truly sticky ink pad, it is more of a watermark when dry and a holding in place agent when using embossing powder and then heat set to melt the powder into your paper. Your glitter will not stay permanently unless you use heat n’ stick powder first on the versamark and then while it is still hot dump glitter on it. I learned this while being a Stampin’ up! demonstrator.
    Have a merry Christmas

  13. Those are just fantastic, both yours and your MIL’s! I send out Christmas cards each year, but have never attempted making them myself (even though I have lots of stamps, cardstock & stickers!) Just not enough time in the day or motivation to do so, though your designs are truly inspirational. Thanks once again for sharing your creativity with us!

  14. Lovely cards, lovely project to share with your dear MIL. LOVED seeing her hands….reminded me of how much I miss and loved my Mom and what projects we enjoyed together. Happy tears…. :o)

  15. Those are so pretty, they’re fun aren’t they? No, I don’t send cards any longer, send E-cards tho to a few. I used to make all my cards too, guess I need to do that in ‘down times’ when not sewing. ;o) I have all the stamps & a drawer full of blank cards, sooo maybe 2016 will be the magical year.. Hope you and yours have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy New Year. Hugs

  16. I love making my own Christmas cards. Some are hand painted ,some stamped and some collaged .So fun!

  17. What a fun Christmas craft Carole! The cards are just beautiful!

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