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Thanksgiving Cards 2015


Holidays are so much fun, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I just love this time of year with the leaves turning, cooler days and nights, wearing my sweaters but not needing a heavy coat, and playing with autumn colors.  Stamping is part of that and once again I want to do a few cards for some special people. So, I got out the autumn colors and stamps, and started to play with the papers. Those little Happy Harvest window sill sitters are for the office staff.

Thanksgiving Cards 2015 - 1

I learned this little trick at a Stampin’ Up class. Start with a four inch square, and glue a motif in the middle.

Thanksgiving Cards 2015 - 2

Fold the corners in to the middle.

Thanksgiving Cards 2015 - 3

Then fold back the points.

Thanksgiving Cards 2015 - 4

This pumpkin color paper is just perfect for the card base, and I added some fall inspired plaid ribbon. I put the motif on the card and then stamped Give Thanks on the bottom right. I really do need to get some new ink pads. (Santa – hint, hint!)

Thanksgiving Cards 2015 - 7

Inside is this nice wording. This one is for my cousin.

Thanksgiving Cards 2015 - 6

Of course the back has my signature stamp.

Thanksgiving Cards 2015 - 5

All done with the first one.

Thanksgiving Cards 2015 - 14

Then I needed several more for the office. These papers with leaf designs were perfect with a brown card stock.

Thanksgiving Cards 2015 - 8

I really love these little stamps, the pine cone, pumpkin and acorn are just say autumn. I wanted to use them all in a small motif, so I stamped them together, then punched them out with my scallop punch, and mounted them on a dark brown punched larger scallop.

Thanksgiving Cards 2015 - 9

The pumpkin color ribbon was added, along with the scalloped element, and Give Thanks stamp on the right.

Thanksgiving Cards 2015 - 10

Later, I added the little turkey, but I probably should have left well enough alone.  I cannot find a Happy Thanksgiving stamp, so I’ll just add that by hand inside.

Thanksgiving Cards 2015 - 13

I have a few more to make, I just need to have a bit more time to stamp.  Giving thanks for all the blessings in my life to some special people who help make those blessings real.   Happy Autumn, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Cards 2015

  1. I am not a “stamper” but being Canadian I loved your Maple Leaf Card for Thanksgiving, this could be done in material and added to the front of a journal. Lovely thanks for posting. Myrna J

  2. I love those cards. I’m not a stamper either but those sure are pretty. And oh, so thoughtful.

  3. I’m thankful for your posts — they are fun and inspiring.

  4. Love your cards, you do such great work.

  5. Thanksgiving is another American tradition that is not celebrated here. But we would need to celebrate it in May I should think 🙂 I like the idea of giving thanks for the year’s bounty. A much more meaningful tradition than say Halloween. I haven’t stamped for a while. Its something I do once in a while, but have run out of steam at the moment. Well done for organising these pretty cards.

  6. These cards are adorable.
    I know they are fun to design and put together.
    How special!

  7. Carole, your cards are beautiful! Knowing that you created and them makes them extra special and even more beautiful! You are such a brilliant and talented artist; I am so glad that we have become friends because you inspire me everyday, make me smile and laugh plus I look forward to commenting and receiving replies. You, my friend, are such a special person and you definitely make the world a better place! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  8. What a great idea to make some very elegant cards. Are you going to share your tablescape for Thanksgiving this year? You always have the best set tables!

  9. Lovely cards and inspiration. I want to try my hand at making some this Christmas.

  10. These are great! I love the inspiration I get from looking back at your projects.

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