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Quilting with Polyester Thread

I had a charity quilt to do for a friend, and she gave me the best instructions a quilter can get – “do whatever you want”.  Don’tcha love that!  So, time to experiment again.

Charity Basket Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I have been hearing a lot about the polyester threads for longarm quilting (and DSM use too), particularly for use where a little shine is wanted.  I have never used polyester threads for quilting as I always heard you shouldn’t use them, only cotton.  Well, turns out the rumor that they cut fabric  and make holes in the quilt top is false.  Many manufacturers offer them now, and I wanted to try one.  So, I bought a neutral color at Long Creek Mills the last time I was there (no affiliation, just like their threads).


The color went well with the quilt top, so time to try it.  So I wound three bobbins with it, about what I usually need, and started sewing the line across the top to stabilize the quilt onto the backing.

Charity Basket Quilt at From My Carolina Home<

You can see this coming, can’t you?  Polyester is so slick and slippery, it wouldn’t stay in the bobbin tension.  I had four episodes of the thread jumping out of the tension just trying to get the first bloody stitching line on the quilt to hold it down!  So now what?!  I have three huge longarm bobbins loaded with it that I cannot use.  But, you know me, I always have an idea.  I put the bobbins on a horizontal pin, and taped the end one so they would stay on the pin, but be able to spin freely.  I also had to put some tape on the other two to keep the thread from unspooling as I sewed.  Then I threaded the machine, using the first bobbin as the top thread.

Charity Basket Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I loaded more bobbins with Bottom Line. Whoopee, quilting is a breeze with this thread.  Zero thread breaks, my favorite thing.

Charity Basket Quilt at From My Carolina Home

All the flowers on this quilt were put on with an iron-on adhesive, but sometimes that iron on stuff doesn’t stay stuck down.  I noticed this one had lifted a bit.

Charity Basket Quilt at From My Carolina Home

So, I got out my iron, and pressed it down, then started quilting again.  Until I hit a snag.  Oh glory, how did this happen?!!  I just ironed the bloody thing!

Charity Basket Quilt at From My Carolina Home

It became clear that I needed to go around each applique as I came to it so I started doing just that.

Charity Basket Quilt at From My Carolina Home

As I came up to the applique, I stopped quilting from the back, and came around to the front to outline the applique.

Charity Basket Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Charity Basket Quilt at From My Carolina Home

These charity quilts get washed a lot, and I wouldn’t want the appliques lifting in the dryer. At the last row of flowers, I just did the appliques first, then put the panto over it.

Charity Basket Quilt at From My Carolina Home

This pantograph really echoed the flower shapes nicely.

Charity Basket Quilt at From My Carolina Home

It is called Pansies by Patricia Ritter for Urban Elementz.

Charity Basket Quilt at From My Carolina Home

All done, and it is such a pretty quilt! I love the colors she used.  The best part of using polyester thread is the almost total lack of lint build up as I quilted.  The thread adds a little shine to the project too.

Charity Basket Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I’ll be using this again.  Are you a fan of polyester thread?

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Slow Sunday Stitching #9

Week 9, hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  I had lots of turkey and Thanksgiving goodies, football and friends.  Watching holiday parades and an extra day of football meant I could get the stitching complete and block the piece.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 1

Here are the pins and button hooks.  The blue one is supposed to have a cameo look to the white emblem, but it looks more like a Star Trek communicator button, LOL!  Still, somehow that is more me, so I left it.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 7

I realized that I had left out the metallic threads on the measuring tape.  I thought maybe that is why it didn’t look like the picture, so I went back and added that shine.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 5

I filled in a bit more on the thimble, and now it looks more complete and smoother.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 4

The buttons are all done too.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 3

I steam blocked it as a whole piece.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 2

I started to cut them apart, then thought it would be good to add some stablilizer to the back so the edges wouldn’t fray while I assembled them.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 10

Here’s another pic of the kit photo, showing the bows on the ornaments.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 11

But, I thought they detracted from the stitching. I think I’ll leave them off. Even when I made them smaller than these pictures show, they just pulled the focus to themselves and away from the stitching detail.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 9

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 8

So I used the red ribbon in the kit for hangers, and stitched them in place.

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 12

Now, what fabric to use for the backing? Decisions, decisions, maybe an assortment.  I do like that green fabric with the stars and buttons print.  But, any of them would work, don’t you think?

Stitching Ornaments Week 9 - 14

Getting close!  I think I will actually get them on the tree this year!

Special note, I have put the Amazing Value Play pattern on sale in my Etsy Store for this weekend and Cyber Monday, regularly $10 you can buy it today and tomorrow for $7.50, no coupon required.

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Christmas Table Topper Step 4

Happy Thanksgiving, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and has some fun sewing time planned for this weekend.  Are you ready to sew?  I realized that last week I really didn’t show you my progress, so I went back and edited that post to show you more.  If you are still in element assembly, click on Step 3 to see more of my assembly with pressing information.  Block assembly is next.  Using your elements from last week, and the 4-1/2 inch black background squares, assemble into blocks.

Christmas Block

And here’s mine, you know I like to sew in rows.

Christmas Quilt Along 18

When you put four together for the small topper, you get this.   The green stars show behind the black stars, kinda like they are nested.

Christmas Quilt Along 19

Note the extra star that forms in the center.

Christmas Quilt Along 20

Now arrange your blocks into a square table topper, or in a row for a runner.  Here is the nine-block version with one border.

Christmas Topper

I put five blocks in a row for a runner and added a star print border that has the same colors as the prints. Here is my runner on the quilting frame, quilting done.

Christmas Quilt along quilting 5

I quilted it with the only Christmassy pantograph I have, a bell and holly leaf design called Deck the Halls by Patricia Ritter for Urban Elementz. Threads were Essentials on top and Bottom line in the bobbin with Warm and Natural batting.

Christmas Quilt along quilting 4

I will use the same red print as in the piecing for the binding. The backing is the same neutral snowflake tone on tone.

Christmas Quilt along quilting 3

At the bottom of that pic is a sneak peek of a Christmas Quickie runner I’ll be showing you a bit later. In the meantime, look at Mary’s scrappy reds!

Step two

Susan is doing hers in blues.

All the HST's pressed and ready for trimming.

Next week, I’ll share more of what is posted on Flickr, (click here) so be sure to post your progress.  I am excited to see your projects.  If you are just now finding this and want to quilt along, start HERE.  To see the finished projects, click HERE.

Have fun quilting!  Are you quilting over this holiday weekend?



Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my favorite holiday, watching the Macy’s parade in my jammies with a hot cup of coffee, turkey baking all afternoon, and football games!  Inevitably there is something that goes awry on a holiday, and those stories end up being the best and most memorable of all.  I told several of my family stories last year on my post Thanksgiving 101.  There is some fun reading there along with the comments on the post with more stories.  The holiday story that comes to mind this year wasn’t Thanksgiving, but it did involve a turkey.

Turkeys 2015 - 5

My husband and I were celebrating out first holiday season after we got married, and my mother and grandmother made the six hour drive to visit us for a few days.  My mother, who was always up for something new, wanted to cook the turkey with a 24 hour method at a low temperature.  So, why not?  I went to work, leaving my poor husband home to entertain the ladies all day, and mom in charge of the turkey.  Well, about four hours after she put the bird in, the oven in that old apartment burnt through the element shooting the oven temp up over 500 degrees.  Luckily, someone noticed that, although to this day I still don’t know exactly what happened.  A call to the apartment office, and the manager (who thankfully was still there) happened to have an empty apartment where they could use the oven.  Unfortunately, when DH grabbed the turkey out of our burned up oven, a tidal wave of turkey juice and grease crested over the top of the roaster and down the front of his shirt.   Soaking wet with hot broth, he managed to get the turkey over to the other place, and cleaned up both the kitchen and himself before I got home.   I was grateful that I didn’t know about this while it was happening!!  And the turkey was still delicious the next day as it was supposed to be.

Brining Turkey - 17

So on this day, set a pretty table and bake a delicious turkey, using your favorite method.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 9

Count your blessings.  I am most grateful for family and friends, and for internet friends and followers, including you, dear reader.

Thanksgiving Decor 6

These guys are thankful to still be here.  I am thankful to have such wonderful wildlife walking past our windows on a regular basis.

November Turkeys 2015 - 7

Just for fun, see my Thanksgiving post from last year about the Macy’s parade, and my Pinterest board Thanksgiving Parade! with loads of photos from previous parades including a lot of historic photos.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day, and weekend.  Do you have a holiday story to share?



Three Events Eight Days

Get your guys for this post, it will be car heavy!  Our British Car Club had three events in eight days, lots of food and fun and a special day with the next generation of car lovers.  First we gathered at a member’s home after a nice drive in the mountains. We had a cookout on a warm day.  This particular drive was in remembrance of a member we lost this past year to pancreatic cancer.

British Car Events November

We parked all over the place.

British Car Events November

British Car Events November

Just look at the view from John and Gail’s house. Gorgeous!

British Car Events November

Then, we gathered on Wednesday at the local Jaguar dealer who sponsor our car show, to give the proceeds from the car show to two local Meals on Wheels groups. That is logical, isn’t it, for a car club to pick Meals on Wheels? We have helped to support them for many years now. Of course the dealership had to park one of their most wonderful cars in the room, an F-type that had a sticker price of over $99,000!! OMG, must be nice!

British Car Events November

This past Saturday we had a fun time with a short drive, and then a meet and greet. We started off by gathering in a local parking lot so we could go together to the meeting place. That is our blue TVR on the left.  Even the parking lots are pretty here, LOL!!  Still have some color hanging on here and there.

British Car Events November

British Car Events November

Driving out to Clyde, we met up with a group of young people from Western Carolina University.

British Car Events November

We grabbed coffee at the Burger King, and spent over an hour talking with the next generation of car enthusiasts.

British Car Events November

The young people had a great time, full of questions and our guys had a great time showing off their cars and engines. It is exciting to see younger people interested in these wonderful old cars.  After all, someday we will want someone to buy them from us, LOL!!  More pics from all these events are on our club site at, if your guy wants to see more.

British Car Events November

We are done with driving events for the year, but I need to find something glitzy to wear to the Christmas party next month. Thrift stores, here I come.  Last time I looked for something glitzy, I managed to come home with a sequined jacket for $5!  But I have worn it several times, so it is time for something new, or at least new to me!  The ones I frequent the most benefit the Humane Society and the local Council on Aging.  I noticed a new resale shop here too, might have to check it out.  But, I refuse to leave the house on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  So, maybe on Small Business Saturday, we’ll get to some shopping.  Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving weekend!



Thanksgiving Tablescapes 2015

Sitting down to a lovely table enhances the enjoyment of a meal with friends, and I do enjoy making a table pretty.  The challenge is to make it different each year, using the same elements.  I have a fair amount of storage space, but even I cannot store several sets of things for each holiday.  So, this year I am using the same plaid place mats as last year, but I will bring out a different color from them.  The 2014 Thanksgiving Tablescape emphasized burgundy and orange.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 7

This year, I am concentrating on gold and bronze, using my gold chargers.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 5

These turkey napkin rings come out each November. This year they are sitting on the plate.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 6

The low centerpiece features two of my ceramic turkeys, different ones from last year’s setting.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 4

This one is a gravy dish.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 3

This one is a candy dish.I added bronze pumpkins and gold apples to the center, plus some bronze leaves.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 2

We aren’t having anyone over for the holiday this year, but I am doing a Mexican dinner on Saturday as a break from turkey. Two other couples will be joining us for a buffet dinner, so I set the table for six.  Well have Pork Enchiladas along with guacamole salad and saffron rice with corn.  Separate plates means I can put the side dishes on the table, and then have everyone serve themselves the main course from the counter.  Yes, it is a few more dishes to wash, but I don’t mind that.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 1

Over at the pub table, I set up for our Thanksgiving breakfast and dinner. I like to make that overnight baked eggs and sausage and cheese thing for breakfast. This tablescape started with my Maple Star Table Topper, link on the sidebar to the pattern.  Red plates for breakfast with the pumpkin bowls in case DH wants some cereal.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 -12

I added the ceramic pilgrims that were my mother’s. They are tall and heavy, so perfect for the holiday table.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 -14

There’s another turkey and the crackle glass candle holders to finish it off.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 -15

I hung the cornucopia table quilt on the wall this year, last year it was on a table.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2015 -11

And turkeys are everywhere. This is the largest one, it is sitting on the kitchen counter with my favorite candle called Autumn Wreath. It is almost gone, but I have another one in the closet.

Turkeys 2015 - 1

I have a little collection of very small ones that sit in front of the TV.

Turkeys 2015 - 6

Here’s a gold one with fall candlesticks. He is smaller than the ones on the table or I would have used it there with the gold theme.

Turkeys 2015 - 4

Another turkey tucked into a shelf.

Turkeys 2015 - 3

I know there was enough here for three posts, LOL, so I’ll stop here. I just have too much to talk about this month! All set and ready for the holiday weekend. Are you ready for Thanksgiving?



Slow Sunday Stitching #8

Wow, have we really been going at this for two months? I wish I could say that I finished these ornaments up this week, as that was the goal.  Alas, a busy life this week didn’t leave a lot of stitching time.  I did get one more almost finished, the tape measure. I haven’t gone back to accent the measure marks yet.

Slow Stitching Sunday #8 - 1

I did get a lot done on the pins and button hooks.

Slow Stitching Sunday #8 - 2

The buttons didn’t get a lot of attention this week, maybe next week.

Slow Stitching Sunday #8 - 3

Are you Slow Stitching?

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