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Modern Setting for Traditional BOM – Part 2


More stretching out of my comfort zone with the quilting on my modern setting for a batik quilt came with loading it up on the frame for quilting. The border, sashing, batting and backing are all black.  The batting is part polyester and part cotton, yet another new experience for me.  Plus I used Bottom Line thread in the bobbin for the first time.

Modern Setting for Traditional BOM at From My Carolina Home

You cannot see where the top edge ends and where the batting comes out from under!!  Mercy!! How was I going to quilt this, daylight was essential, and not a rainy day I needed bright sunshine. I had the crazy idea to quilt it in black too.  NOT!!

Modern Setting for Traditional BOM at From My Carolina Home

Thank heavens for the great longarm quilters at the longarm quilter’s forum that talked me out of black, and into a softer brown/grey.

Black Modern quilting

I was happier with that color over the blocks, as it didn’t stand out on the medium tones.

Modern Setting for Traditional BOM at From My Carolina Home

And it shows nicely on the black, but I knew every little bobble would show, so I had to be very careful and smooth in the movement of the longarm.

Modern Setting for Traditional BOM at From My Carolina HomeModern Setting for Traditional BOM at From My Carolina Home

Modern Setting for Traditional BOM at From My Carolina Home

All finished and ready to be bound.

Modern Setting for Traditional BOM at From My Carolina Home

More about this quilt next time, binding this beast is up next.  Black on black with black thread.

Part Three HERE


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Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


17 thoughts on “Modern Setting for Traditional BOM – Part 2

  1. I really like the uniqueness that all of the black fabric adds to this quilt! Your quilting is magnificent, so bold and ties all of the blocks together. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

  2. The quilt looks wonderful. Excellent choice of quilting thread color and the stitching certainly looks bobble-free! I find working with black on black requires both strong daylight and a light right at my shoulder, plus lots of breaks to rest my eyes. Hand stitching the binding is my least favorite part of the process, too. Thanks for sharing, Susan in Dublin

  3. I’ve never used black batting before – very interesting. I love the quilting thread colour you chose in the end, compliments it all really well.

  4. Quilting looks great! Samplers are great for trying new things. I love using black but always struggle choosing the thread.

  5. I like how the blocks pop against the back fabric, very nice.

  6. Fabulous quilting and blocks!

  7. I’m quite sure I’ll never be drawn to quilting, but I love reading about your skill.

  8. I love traditional blocks and I love modern quilts, what a great way to combine them. I think the batiks you chose just makes this quilt sing.

  9. Love how you’ve quilted it. I’ve quilted black on black and I can testify that it’s a nightmare. I used Bottom Line for the first time yesterday and I loved it. I had no tension issues from the start. How did you find it?

  10. I made a note about the brown grey thread. Hmmmm….can ya tell me more about the forum??? Your quilting came out smooth and straight girl. Looks goooooddddd!

  11. Beautifully done! The quilting is gorgeous. Congrats on the almost finish.

  12. Your work is beautiful Carole, I admire your skill and your patience~ stunning colors

  13. It is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job on this piece.

  14. Beautiful quilt and the quilting is lovely! Love seeing it on the black backing!

  15. Great setting for the sampler blocks, they pop against the black. Love how you gave yourself the open space to highlight the quilting.

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