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Disappearing Nine Patch Variation – Stacked Bricks


Who says a quilt block has to be square?  I was looking at the Disappearing Nine Patch block again, with the idea of making another of my own Variation in pastels, when it occurred to me that there could be another possibility.  What if another square was added? The result would be a brick shape, and may be interesting.

Stacked Bricks finish 4

I started in the usual manner, constructing a nine patch block using 5 inch squares.

Disappearing Nine Patch Tiles - 2

I slashed it in both directions through the middle.

Disappearing Nine Patch Tiles - 3

Disappearing Nine Patch Tiles - 5

Disappearing Nine Patch Tiles - 6

I rotated the upper left and bottom right sections per the usual manner.

Disappearing Nine Patch Tiles - 7

Then I set out the top two and bottom two together, keeping the side to be sewn on the right. I made four blocks at once.

Disappearing Nine Patch Tiles - 9

Chain piecing per usual.

Disappearing Nine Patch Tiles - 10

I set out the top and bottom sections together, with the four stacked on top of each other.

Disappearing Nine Patch Tiles - 12

Then I cut eight 7-inch squares out of yellow fabric.

Disappearing Nine Patch Tiles - 11

I offset the top to the right and the bottom to the left, and place the yellow squares in the spaces created.

Disappearing Nine Patch Tiles - 13

They were sewn together.

Disappearing Nine Patch Tiles - 14

I set the bricks together, and it made a small quilt with just four. I think this could be very interesting with a large print for the square tiles, and lots more bricks.

Disappearing Nine Patch Tiles - 16

This size was good for a lap quilt, so I added a border in cream.

Disappearing Nine Patch Tiles - 17

Then it was loaded on the quilting frame.   A bow pantograph quilting design was stitched on it.

New D9P tiles quilting 2

Sweet, isn’t it? I don’t often get a chance to use this pantograph.

D9P Tiles bow quilting close

Finished and bound!

D9P Tiles Finished

I’ll have to show it around a bit before it gets donated.

Stacked Bricks finish 3

It was so easy and fast, I really should make several more. These would make nice lap quilts for the veterans, or people in nursing homes. They are just the right size for wheelchair use.

Stacked Bricks finish 2

Click on My Craftsy Patterns to get a free downloadable pattern for Stacked Bricks.  I hope you will take a look at my other patterns while you are there too.  And, to see another one of my design with a directional print, click HERE.

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Are you doing any charity quilting now?


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


22 thoughts on “Disappearing Nine Patch Variation – Stacked Bricks

  1. I have 2 twin charity quilt tops started but they are on the back burner. Finished 2 last year but haven’t decided on the quilting. Working on a personal queen triple irish chain and just finished a top called ‘little women’.

  2. It’s always nice to see another variation of the 9 patch – it looks lovely – thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I like this with the big yellow squares added. Very good idea!

  4. I love your idea! In the guild I belong to we all make small quilts to donate for children. This will be perfect for something different. Thank you for sharing your idea. Hugs,

  5. A fast and fun way to make a quilt too!

  6. I really love this thanks for sharing-I am always looking for simple now a days for my quilts going to save this one

  7. You can’t go wrong with a disappearing 9-patch, I really like your addition of the solid squares.

  8. That looks really good. The pastels are very cute and the quilting just sets it off. Wonderful.

  9. I like this variation. It could work with some fabric I’ve just ordered

  10. What sweet soft colors, your quilting is super!

  11. I belonged to a group in Florida who made quilts for the local Hospice. I had a Long Arm at the time and quilted all of the quilts the other gals pieced. Sorry to say I sold my machine when we moved to NC and I really miss ‘Her’.

  12. A great idea, and a lovely quilt!

  13. SUch a sweet quilt indeed. I too like this variation of the nine patch. Hmmm….charity. I have two project linus I’d like to get quilted this summer. Your bow panto is very cute!

  14. What a cute fast little quilt. I make quilts for the Baptismal candidates at my church, and this quilt would be terrific. Thank you

  15. could this be made in flannels or are there too many cuts

  16. I’m a beginner. I truly appreciate this tutorial! I think I can do this. Thanks so much!

  17. Love your site!

  18. This is a late reply, but I’m wondering if your 5″ and 7″ blocks are assuming an added 1/4″ seam allowance or is the seam allowance accounted for in the 5″/7″ measurements? Thanks so much, I love the design and am looking forward to getting quilting again.

  19. Thanks for sharing, I’ve made a disappearing nine patch but I didn’t put my blocks together the way yours are set. Very nice.

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