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Dinosaur Eggs for Easter – a healthy alternative


I really enjoy doing silly stuff for the ladies that I work with.  For years I have done candy and sweets for various holidays, but with the staff we have now, one of the girls is diabetic.  I certainly cannot add to her difficulties with her diet by giving her sweets.  She is struggling hard with her weight, as we all do, and I am trying to lose weight as well.  So, what to do for an Easter goodie?

Colander project - 1

I was in World Market over the weekend, and I saw these little colanders.  Cute aren’t they?

Colander project - 2

I thought they would make a nice ‘basket’ for something, useable and geared toward a healthier idea for a gift. I got some green grass, and started thinking about eggs.  Hard boiled, maybe, but what might be a little different?

Colander project - 3

Then it hit me, avocados!!  I love them, they are readily accessible now too.

Colander project - 4

So, how do you like the dinosaur eggs?

Colander project - 5

Something for the girls that is healthy, yet seasonal!

Colander project - 6

Yes, I am a little crazy, but I think this is a cute idea for a sugar free gift.

Colander project - 7

I think they liked them too! Something good to eat, and a handy little kitchen gadget too.

Happy Easter!

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11 thoughts on “Dinosaur Eggs for Easter – a healthy alternative

  1. What a cute and thoughtful gift! NONE of us needs more chocolate (and I’m pretty good at foraging for sweets on my own anyway).

  2. Love your colander idea. I had a smooched (that’s a culinary term ) up avocado on a sandwich this week instead of mayo. It was so good.

  3. My Mother goes through stages of her dementia. One is sweets & the other is fruit. Avacado is one stage. Your presentation is fabulous. HAPPY EASTER.

  4. Brilliant idea for an Easter gift! And so thoughtful of you to cater for the dietary needs of your staff.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  5. You are sooo clever Ms. Carole ! Happy Easter to you!

  6. Well thought out and they look great. Happy Easter.

  7. I thought that it was Chocolate in the Thumbnail. Glad you thought enough to spare your friend the temptation. For me it’s -Give me the Chocolate and nobody gets hurt… Thanks for sharing.

  8. this is awesome! they will love it

  9. oh my gosh, what a great idea. Total #CreativeGoodness. And how thoughtful to give such a gift to co-workers. I love the idea of a healthy gift. And this looks like it will also be a great decoration, as well as a gift that will be useful and remembered for years to come. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


  10. Dinosaur eggs are PERFECT….. and i will probably steal your idea for future Easters. yes… we all can do with less sugars, so anything imaginative as a substitution is simply brilliant and truly thoughtful. It would have been S-O-O-O much easier for you to just buy a bunch of candies and chocolates and toss them in the “baskets”. And i like your colander baskets too – more useful and less wasteful!!


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