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January 2015 Garden

It is cold outside and not much is happening in the outside garden, but inside, there are new things happening.  The violets apparently like their new bit of soil and feeding, new leaves are appearing.

Violets Jan 2015

Violet Jan 2015

New leaves are shooting up from my sage plant too.

Sage Jan 2015 -2

Sage Jan 2015

I have high hopes for this amaryllis.  My mother in law gave me this beautiful flower at Christmas in 2013.  It bloomed with gorgeous, velvety red flowers.


A few days later, it put out a second flower spike.



Into February last year, it continued to look gorgeous as the second spike produced two blooms after the first spike was gone.


I put it out on the porch over the spring and summer, and it kept its leaves all year. The leaves finally started looking peaked around Thanksgiving, so I cut them off and put it on the sun porch where it was chilly. In early January, I brought it inside, and it started to put out shoots.  It most likely didn’t get enough chill time to produce another flower.

Amaryllis and orchid Jan 2015

But now it has five shoots!

Amaryllis Jan 2015 - 1

I don’t see any hint of a flower spike yet, but I have high hopes.

Amaryllis Jan 2015 - 2

Still no seeds in the stores, I might have to get some online.  I am anxious to get my idea of a miniature greenhouse under way to see if it will work.  These are bread and muffin containers from the grocery store.

Seeds stacked 2

This sunset was a few days ago. Sometimes I wish I had a better camera, but you get the idea!

Sunset Jan 2015

Are you ready to get planting?


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Table Stand White Quilt

When I get in one of my Victorian moods, it is hard to stop embellishing!  The white on white table stand quilt is a good example.  I kept going and going, like the you-know bunny!  Pearls were added to the lace heart.  If you missed part one construction and quilting, click HERE.

White finish close up 3

I added more beads to the top, but they are small and hard to photograph.

White finish close up 8

I added these neat five sided mother-of-pearl buttons…

White on White 40

and more ribbon roses along with a long line of seed beads.

White finish close up 6

Aren’t these clear crystal beads neat?

White finish close up 7

I added some pearls to the Belgian lace basket.

White finish close up 2

This heart shaped button looks like lace.

White finish close up 1

The bugle beads went on in a line, and I added a few more after that.

White on White 41

White finish close up 4

There are five pearls in the diagonal line.  There are 88 seed beads on the lower right going up the edge of that patch.

White finish close up 5

It hangs nicely on the frame from the loops on the back.

White finish close up hangers

Another button to the upper right, and a ribbon rose in the lower right.

White finish 1

I need to press it, forgot to do that!

White White Finish

The white reindeer stays out all winter, and looks wonderful with the quilt.  The dark line on the left is a shadow from the frame.

White finish2

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More handwork to come!  Do you enjoy handwork?



Table Stand Quilt – White on White

I got a table quilt stand last year, specifically to display my Miniature Mariner’s Compass.  Problem though, the quilt is too small, or is it the frame is too big?  Either way it isn’t going to work, so I needed to make something else.

Quilt Stand

I have decided to do a series of quilts for it, for different seasons and holidays.  All will be original designs.  I don’t promise one a month, but there will be several this year.  I like to decorate with all white in January, so this first quilt is all white and ivory. I started with a crazy patch idea.  Begin with a five sided piece of fabric.

White Mini-Quilt 2

Add more fabrics log cabin style, cutting off the excess as you go.

White Mini-Quilt 3

White Mini-Quilt 4

Press the additions flat as you go so there isn’t any ruffling.

White Mini-Quilt 5

White Mini-Quilt 6

Continue until you have a 12 inch block. Pin with batting and backing.

White Mini-Quilt 7

Then using your sewing machine’s decorative stitches, go over the seam lines in white thread. Stitch down the edges too.

White Mini-Quilt 9

White Mini-Quilt 12

I was excited to use the used Pfaff I purchased some time ago with all those stitches!  I used a faggoting stitch to secure the lace on a seam.

White Mini-Quilt 11

Isn’t this fun! I have a lot of stuff that I can choose to add.

White Mini-Quilt 17

So I started playing around with various items.

White Mini-Quilt 13

This rose ribbon was couched on using the blind hem stitch on the machine.

White Mini-Quilt 15

On the back, I added two wide loops to hang the little quilt on the frame.  I shortened it after this picture was taken.  The final size is two inches wide by one inch folded to 1/2 inch.  It is stitched down under the binding, and the loops will turn up but not show over the top of the quilt.

White Mini-Quilt 14

I finished the binding, and started on some handwork, then realized it really needed more quilting. The stitching on the seam lines just wasn’t enough. I could have added more quilting with my domestic machine, but believe it or not, I loaded it on the frame and added quilting.  I don’t recommend this, and you can learn from my mistakes, LOL!!  The project is small enough to quilt easily using free motion on a domestic machine.

White Mini 22

I began adding more embellishments to the top. The lace basket holds special memories, as I got it in Belgium at a lace shop in Bruxelles (or Brussels as we in the United States know it).

White on White

I added some ribbon bows and roses and some pearls on a diagonal line. It isn’t nearly done, but I’ll show you the rest next time.  Click HERE to see the finish!

Do you like to crazy quilt?



Grow Your Blog Event 2015

Hi, I’m so glad you stopped by!  Thank you for coming to see what my blog offers.  In a word, much!  But first, I want to thank Vicki at 2 Bags Full for hosting this blog hop party.  And I want to thank my regular readers for all their support over the past year.  I plan for this next year to bring as much fun and variety as the first year.  Click on the Grow Your Blog Button below to see all the blogs participating in this year’s event.

grow your blog 2015

I have been blogging for one year now, (it is my blogiversary tomorrow!), and I do enjoy sharing the many projects I do.   I think a blog should be a source of inspiration and learning for the reader, so I concentrate on content.  There are lots of tutorials here – just look in the upper right corner above the banner picture for categories of tutorials you can see.  I enjoy quilting, crafting, sewing, designing, cooking, reading, gardening, beading, wool work, stamping, photography and playing with my glue gun.  I go hiking in the warmer months in these beautiful North Carolina mountains, and share my best pictures with you.  Here’s a sample of what I have blogged over the past year –

I have quilted and sewn for many years, and each new project brings fresh excitement.  This past year, one of my quilts was accepted into the American Quilter’s Society show in Charlotte.  It was my first quilt accepted into a juried show!


I created several Quilting Tutorials for basic skills…


and a few more fun Quilting Projects.  I have a designer page on Fave Quilts too!


I created a few sewing projects


and crafting projects

Jars basket 2

My garden and veranda occupy a lot of my warmer weather attention.

Porch July 2014

I enjoy cooking, baking and creating new recipes.  This is Rustic Egg Bread.

Egg Bread 14

Try my Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup for a cold winter day.


Sometimes I do research on interesting foodie items, like this article on salt.


And sometimes, I’ll tell you about silly holidays with things you can do to celebrate, like National Donut Day.

Donuts 3

On holidays, I’ll show you my tablescapes, both formal and informal.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 6

Lunch table

In the fall, we go to the local Apple Festival every year, such fun!  We go to other local events too.


We enjoy hiking and exploring the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, see our view from home on the header.


I read a lot too, and often post Book Reviews, sometimes with a Movie Review.

13th Glazed Murder garden Food12 QuiltAsYouGo elegance GoneGirlBookClubCookbook_09-06-11 Tim Gunn Th 101 Knifeskills BreadAlone

I have just so many interests, I have to write about all of them.  DH says I have a low threshold for boredom, so I have to have something going on all the time.  The variety of subjects keeps me interested, and allows me to work on more than one project at a time.  Coming soon are articles on sewing and serging, creating more fun projects with buttons and natural materials, and a series of small quilts for tabletop display, along with several new recipes, book reviews, and mountain living articles.  Check out the categories on the sidebar for more articles, projects, book reviews, recipes, and more.  Or click on the home button to see the last several posts.  If you like a variety of subjects, heavy on the quilting, crafting, cooking and reading, you’ll enjoy this blog.

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Low Carb Crustless Anything Quiche

What can you do with the little bits of things left over from the week? Those bits of meat and vegetables, too much to throw away and too little to make a serving? I know a lot of you out there make soup. My brother-in-law likes to put leftover veggies cold in salads. Actually it is quite good that way, cold corn and asparagus go well with salad greens.  But, what if you don’t want soup or salad? Then there is my dish, crustless quiche. Some might call it a frittata, but that brings to my mind an Italian flavor dish and frittatas are mostly cooked on top of the stove. This is going to be more of a French inspired baked egg dish.


I call it the Anything Quiche because you can literally clean out your refrigerator. Almost anything will go well in here. One night last week I was looking at what I had to take to work for a lunch the next day, and all I had was one slice of deli ham, a mushroom, the last bit of an onion, half a bag of fresh spinach that wasn’t going to last much longer, half a piece of chicken left over from dinner and some cheese. I did have eggs and half-and-half (fat free of course!). So, Anything Quiche it was.


Start by spraying a nine-inch pie pan with no stick. I like this little glass one, like my grandmother used to use. Chop the onions and saute them briefly in a bit of olive oil adding the chopped mushroom too. Pour over the bottom of the pie plate. Wilt the spinach in the pan you cooked the onions in, and spread it around the pan. Add the chopped chicken and ham. Sprinkle liberally with shredded cheese. Up to this point, you can change whatever you want. Just fill the pie plate about 3/4 full of meat, veggies and cheese.


Crack 4 eggs into a bowl.


Add 1/4 cup of fat free half-and-half (or use milk). Beat the eggs until the mixture is smooth, and add salt and pepper to taste.



Pour over the pie filling.


Bake at 350 degrees until the center is puffed, brown and lightly firm, about 45-60 minutes.


I take 1/4 of the pie for lunch. DH gets it for dinner with a big crusty roll (he can afford the carbs) and a salad.


Need a smaller size? Use a single serving souffle dish, fill with meat, veggies and cheese about 3/4 full. Pour over 2 eggs beaten with a splash of half-and-half or milk, and bake about 35-40 minutes. Serving for one as a whole meal, or two with salad and bread.


It works nicely for breakfast too, with just cheese and onion.


So it is Anything Quiche for any meal. Low Carb and delicious!


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Basket Quilt UFO

This basket quilt was made about seven years ago, and I keep getting it out and putting it away.  I need to applique some flowers in the baskets to finish it off.  Indecision is the theme here!  The thing is, my deadline is February 11.  I foolishly put this project on my UFO Challenge list for this year, and I have to finish by the February meeting.  Crazy idea, and I am the one running the bloody challenge!!  I really thought it would be motivating, but the opposite has been the case.  I know I have said before that I was doing some project, or writing an article to avoid working on the basket quilt.  Well, this is it.

Basket UFO - 1

Not many colors are going to go with all the colors in these baskets.  It was a block of the month from a quilt store that closed a few years ago.   So, the colors are not my fault.    Maybe by blogging about this, I can get motivated again to do something, anything, just finish it.  No, I do not want any cheese with this whine, thank you very much.

Basket UFO -2

I have thought about so many different ways to add what it needs.  I am rubbish at needle turn.  There are at least a half a dozen books on applique on the shelf in the sewing room, and I cannot find a flower that I like.  My friend, Carin, put coneflowers on hers, and she finished hers about a month after the BOM ended.

Basket UFO -3

I thought about doing johnny jump-ups because I love their sweet faces.  At the AQS show last summer, I purchased some pretty wools to do these in purple-blue and cream-ivory.  I started cutting out petals, then realized I would need literally hundreds to fill up the space.  That was just too overwhelming, so I put it away again.

Basket UFO cutouts

But, I really enjoy doing handwork.  So why can I not get motivated to put three flowers in each basket?  Just three flowers.  I have the pale creamy yellow which would make nice big daisies.  I only need 36, right?  And I can always go back and add more flowers later.   Oh, sure, like I am going to ever pick up this project again.  Still, it would be nice to get it done, and be able to enter it into the fair this year in the mixed technique category.

Basket UFO -5

I quilted the baskets with a pantograph that is a flower, maybe I can just echo that design. The border is quilted with a bead board design, and the inner border has ribbon candy.

Basket UFO -6

Certainly the size is better, fewer flowers to sew.

Basket UFO -7

Will let you know what happens!

Basket UFO -4



Quilting Hearts Around

Quilting the Hearts Around Table Topper took longer than I thought.  Click on Hearts Around to see the construction phase.  The main issue was I couldn’t decide how to do it.  After taking several free motion longarm classes last summer, I have yet to actually do an entire quilt with free motion.  So, taking a deep breath, the ‘stand and stare’ began.  I almost caved and put a pantograph on it, but I need practice with custom design.

Hearts Around - 19

The quilt was loaded on the frame just to be able to move forward, and the stand and stare continued.

Hearts Around - 18a

For days.

Should I use feathers? That really isn’t new as I have done those before. But if no feathers, then what? Ribbon candy, done that too. At least do one thing new!  OK, for now, practice with stitch in the ditch.  I am rubbish at this, but practice will build the skill. I got out my Quilter’s Apothecary straight ruler, and started in.

Hearts Around -30

I have the smaller straight edge from A-1 for the interior smaller areas.

Hearts Around -31

Ugh, what was I thinking! Red thread?  The nice little planned outline didn’t go so well.  Oh well, done now and I am not ripping it out.

Hearts Around -32

Using the paper method of marking intervals (no math!) I took another deep breath and marked my quilt top with the hash marks using water soluable marker. This is where I get scared that the marks won’t come out. But, with trust in Jamie Wallen, I did it.

Hearts Around -33

Small hash marks made, just enough to show me where to loop.

Hearts Around -34

Then I did the quilting, and oh crap! There is a dark red thread under the white sashing, and it sticks out horribly! The close up pics are somewhat yellow because I was using the longarm light for light.

Hearts Around -35

So now what! I got out a tiny crochet hook, worked it through the fabric without breaking the fabric threads and fished it out.

Hearts Around -36

Then I scratched the hole with my fingernail to close it back up. Whew! It worked.  I know I am supposed to trim the threads before I quilt!!  I think I was too focused on the quilting and marking.  I took the marks out with Sew Clean and water.

Hearts Around -37

I marked the hearts with chalk, and quilted feather wreaths in each one. I started to make the feathers go to the corners of the background squares, but I had another idea I liked better. I wanted to stipple the background to make the hearts stand out more.

Hearts Around -39

Here are the other hearts. I am still not good at this, many places have threads crossing over, but I am getting better.

Hearts Around -40

Hearts Around -41

Hearts Around -43

It is difficult to photograph, but there is a continuous line around the entire border of feathers.

Hearts Around -42

I used a different print for the binding, with a cream background for contrast.

Hearts Around finish

This red-cream combination is so appealing to me right now.  Think a whole quilt is in order? (Update – I did too!!  See my Scrap Dance Waltz pattern in my Craftsy store!  Link on the sidebar.)

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