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Mason Jar Holiday Candle


Ever have one of those serendipitous moments where something out of place becomes an inspiration?

Mason jar with votive, gold apples, bow

I was in one of my local craft stores recently and found this little votive holder sitting on a shelf where it wasn’t supposed to be. It is one of the ones that just holds a little votive, and it has a flared top.

votive 2

Right around the corner from it was an end cap full of mason jars.

Mason Jar

And I wondered, would the little votive fit one of those jars?

Mason jar top with votive holder

Well, look at that. Lots of space below to fill and customize for any holiday or tablescape.

Mason Jar with votive

I filled it with gold glittery apples.

Mason Jar with gold apples 2

Then with red glittery icicle garland.

Mason Jar with red filler

How about a little of each?

Mason jar gold apples and red filler

Then I went back to the gold apples and added a bow.

Mason jar with votive, gold apples, bow

The best thing is there is no glue involved. The votive just lifts out and the bottom filler can be changed over and over!! How neat is that?!!  Update – after this idea was published, I figured out that the metal ring would screw on over the candle holder.  So now, I do that too.

Mason Jar Holiday decoration

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you’ll stay a bit and look around.  My blog is about a lot of things, crafting and sewing, quilting and cooking, reading and decorating.  If you like this Holiday Mason Jar, see the Beaded Holiday Jar for another idea.

What would you put in your Mason Jar Holiday Candle?

Mason jar with votive, gold apples, bow




Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


4 thoughts on “Mason Jar Holiday Candle

  1. What a great idea!! Love all the change ups!

  2. I have lots of those little votives and jars, thanks for the great idea.

  3. I Think I will put some little pine cones that I have sprayed gold and silver and another one with some greens and battery lights and another one with peppermint candies.

  4. This really is a fun #CreativeGoodness project, with lovely #GlitterGoodness. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


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