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Quilt of Valor custom


I finished up the quilting on this Quilt of Valor as I had a lot of time over the weekend. I did a lot of stitch in the ditch around all the blocks, and around the stars or spools inside the blocks. I got a little more feather practice, and put egg-and-dart in the sashing using a new stencil.  I still have some work to do to get the over-the-top feather backtracking to look good.

QOV Custom 10

I got some ruler practice in with this block, there is quite a bit of SID on this one too.

QOV Custom 11

I did a wavy line in the thin border on several blocks. The wavy line in the middle is a mistake, where the ruler slipped.

QOV Custom 9

I got in more practice with the triangles, attempting to use the continuous route I learned over the summer.

QOV custom trangle

I put a touch and go feather in the border of this block.

QOV custom touch feather with twist

Feather wreath with lots of SID in the little triangle section.  You can see the ribbon candy border here too.

QOV custom SID with feather wreath

I don’t think the chalk marker is that good for a precise design, the darts here aren’t consistent.

QOV custom egg dart

Here are the borders, I showed this in the WIP post, but the whole quilt is now done with ribbon candy in the inner border, and piano keys in the outer border.

QOV Custom 4

Overall, it is OK, I think. I am sure someone will appreciate the quilt, and hopefully not look too closely at the quilting. I am still an amateur, and I have lots of practice to do.


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


13 thoughts on “Quilt of Valor custom

  1. This looks really pretty. Well done.

  2. This quilt is absolutely stunning! What a marvelous work of art. I have not a stitching gene, but I so admire all the beautiful handwork and stitching of all you who have the gift.

    I understood and viewed every stitch you mentioned, and saw all the patterns—what is the meaning behind the name? It’s simply too wonderful to describe. And how could ANYONE NOT love this magical quilt?

    Just amazing.


  3. I sm sure the recipient will appreciate this quilt especially the time and love involved. It looks great!

  4. This is an absolutely beautiful quilt and your quilting looks gorgeous! Great job and what a thoughtful gift for a vet. Good for you! Helen

  5. your quillt is beautiful,love the fabrics too. such a worthwhile project

  6. Sooo beautiful! Quilt and quilting!

  7. I think your quilt is beautiful. I’m sure someone will love it.

  8. Just beautiful, and what a wonderful way to “practice” and spread the joy of your talents!!!!

  9. I think you did a wonderful job. I’m still working on getting that ribbon candy just right! 🙂 Yours is great.

  10. The perfect quilty hug for a veteran!! I appreciate the close up pics of your quilting….and thanks for sharing under our Veteran’s them at Tuesday Archives! 🙂

  11. I think the quilting is lovely! So many different stitches. The recipient will love it!

  12. You really did a wonderful job on this one. Doing this custom was a great way to practice and I think you nailed it!

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