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Patriotic Table Runner Tri Recs Star


Follow along to make this patriotic table runner using with a star using the Tri Recs angle rulers.   Here’s a pic of the final project.  If you don’t have the Tri Recs rulers, any star could be substituted in the final project.


Start with cutting your triangles using the angle rulers.  You’ll need one 4-1/2″ strip the width of the fabric in white and red for each square, or one fat quarter of each color cut into 4-1/2″ strips.  I want the finished block to be 12 inches, so I use a 4-1/2 measurement for the Tri Rec units.


Note that you need a right and left red triangle. I put my fabric right sides together and cut two at once.


Place the red unit on top of the white one, right sides together. Note that the cut off point fits neatly on the angle showing you just where to sew.


Sew with a quarter-inch seam allowance. A quarter-inch foot comes in handy here.


Press the red outward with the seam allowance under the red.


Repeat for the other side.


I like to do them chain style with all the right sides at once, then all the left so I don’t get mixed up. By now you know that I am a big fan of laying things out multiple times to be sure you are doing it right. Saves a lot of frogging!


Cut 4-1/2 inch squares of fabric, one red for the center and four white for the corners. Multiply by the number of blocks you want to make.


Sew in rows, press the seam allowances to the left on the top and bottom rows, and to the right on the middle row so the seams will nest.

PatritoticTable Runner assembeld

Set your Tri Recs blocks with 12-1/2 inch squares to assemble the runner. I used three Tri Recs blocks and two fabric print blocks. Cut a 8-1/2 inch print square in half on the diagonal, and add to each end to create the point.

Patriotic Table Runner

Now, on to Part 2 – Finishing the Table Runner

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Happy Quilting!

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Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


13 thoughts on “Patriotic Table Runner Tri Recs Star

  1. What a fun project, and it looks great on your table!

  2. Beautiful. I need to look into getting some of those rulers.

  3. Cool! I have those rulers so I should do this. I don’t have any Patriotic fabric, though. Hmmm….

  4. Here from ‘Bee Social’. This is a fantastic table runner. Love the patriotic colors.

  5. Great idea thanks for sharing!

  6. Those rulers make working with triangles so easy. Love the table runner!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  7. Very nice!! Thank you for sharing…pinned

  8. Beautiful table runner! I love the border.

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party!

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  10. Carole, Thanks for rejuvinated this one under our Stars theme at Tuesday Archives. WHat I always appreciate about visiting your posts is I ALWAYS learn something. The tri rulers make these stars even and neat. (I usually make mine wonky) Jackson gives you five wags!

  11. Lovely! How generous of you to create such a great tutorial.

  12. I am sorry I did not make myself clear, I would like some guidance as to the yardage for each color. No is the time when all the patriotic fabric is out there.

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