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Picnic Hop Starts Today

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Thanks to the lovely ladies Mdm Samm at !Sew We Quilt and Mary at I Piece 2 Mary, the blogs below agreed to be in a Picnic challenge.  We were to create a picnic quilt, plan a picnic, and take our quilt and a picnic basket, plan the menu and share our location and activities.  So, starting today, you can see six new blogs a day with their picnics.  Here’s the list, for the next 8 days, Have fun hopping on our picnic event!!  Mine is on the last day, June 9, so come back and see the neat  picnic we did on Memorial Day Weekend.  Here’s a hint, it involves both cars and men in skirts.  Here’s my picnic basket, and I’ll show you the rest of our fun day on June 9.



Monday June 2
Tuesday June 3
Wednesday June 4
Thursday June 5
Friday June 6
Monday June 9


Enjoy the blogs and the picnics! And come see mine on June 9!

Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


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