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Spring Flowers 2014

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It is almost Easter, and maybe the warmer days are finally here.  We had a freeze Tuesday night, and Wednesday night, and the higher mountains north of us got snow.  Luckily, the apple crop is probably OK, only losing about 10% of the blooms.  This county is a huge apple producer.   On the plus side, my tulips bloomed!  It seems that there are a few purple ones yet to come.  They were supposed to be all pink.  Close your eyes, Bonnie, pretty flowers coming!!



And the redbud is in full bloom now.  Sorry the pictures are a bit dark, it was cloudy when I took these.


Have you ever heard the saying  ‘bloom where you are planted’?  This little jump-up volunteer is blooming valiantly in a crack in the driveway.


The azaleas should be coming out in a week or so, followed by rhododendrons.  My Torenias will be ready to pick up from the garden center in 2 weeks, so the veranda will be blooming soon too.

Don’t you just love digging in the dirt?


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


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