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Spring Floral Wall Quilt – Part 1


One of my UFO Challenge projects for the year is to get a spring floral wall hanging done, something that will last partway into summer, and something to put up between St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, if like this year they are pretty far apart.

So, started out with a couple of florals and found an interesting design in the book Bits and Pieces.  So, I started cutting out squares and triangles to make a bunch of blocks.  Sewing the triangles together to make half-print triangle units …


Then, nesting the seams to form quarter-triangle squares.


One thing that is important with this design is the white fabric is so very light, that I do not want to press towards it anywhere.  If I always press away from the solid white I should get the nesting seams I want.  I cut the hourglass blocks a bit too large so I can square them up and be perfect size with the squares.

jonquilsquareing SpringFloralcuts

Beginning to assemble, I set the blocks in rows…


again pressing away from the white.


I made the alternate row, pressing away from the white triangles and towards the printed squares.


Sew together.


Now, the seams will nest just like they should.


The finished unit lines up just like it should


So here we are so far.


Next time, borders!

What do you think so far?


Author: Carole @ From My Carolina Home


3 thoughts on “Spring Floral Wall Quilt – Part 1

  1. Oh, gee, Carole. This is just so pretty. I wish I could sew better. But then, practice makes perfect, no?

  2. Yup, it looks like spring. Very nice!

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